3 Surprising Facts About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is often presumed as a luxury. However, the many benefits it provides should be experienced by all. Massage therapy has been around for at least four centuries and transcends both Eastern and Western medicine. Here are three details that you may not know about the craft. 

1. Philosophy and structure are significant parts of massage therapy
Believe it or not, massage therapy is not merely a matter of relaxation. . There is a particular philosophy of the practice known as vis Medicatrix Naturae. This notion refers to the body being capable of adequately healing itself if given the right support. Vis Medicatrix Naturae has the primary aim of increasing a person’s overall health. What better way to do that than through a good massage session?

The structure of massage therapy is heavily dependent on touch. Such is the reason why a therapist-in-training spends hours learning vital body points and how to soothe various tissues in distress.

2. The origins of massage therapy are ancient
References to massage therapy date back more than 4,000 years when professionals in the Chinese medical sphere coined the term. The modern version of the practice came into play by way of Pehr Henrik Ling of Sweden. Ling was so fascinated by massage therapy and exercise in general that he established the Royal Central Gymnastic Institute in 1813. 

His methods of therapy caught on in the Western world to the extent of George and Charles Taylor, biological brothers and two New York physicians, opening the first massage therapy clinic in the United States after the civil war. The brothers studied in Sweden where Ling’s methods were celebrated at the time. 

3. Massage therapy can reduce anxiety
Many patients suffering from depression seek out the services of a psychiatrist. Bolstering your wellness routine with regular massage therapy session may yield better results.  Several studies provide documented proof of a massage session having the power to reduce psycho-emotional distress and treat other mental issues brought about by things like stress. 

Many think of massage therapy as a luxury that only professional athletes enjoy. The practice, however, comes with many perks that can benefit anyone.

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